Friday, September 20, 2013

Hario Reusable Filters

There is not much to really say about the previous blend other than it was pleasing. My roasting has fallen into a comfortable groove, and I feel like I am getting somewhere with it. Allegra and dust mask seemed to do the trick to prevent the worst of the allergies.

I also picked up some Hario Woodneck reusable cloth filters. I was reading that they make a suitable replacement for the Chemex coffee filters. The paper filters for the Chemex have always bothered me. I jut don't like throwing them out after every use.

Unfortunately, the ones I purchased are about half the necessary size for the 8 cup Chemex. However, despite the size they work out, and are easy to clean. Even with a finer grind, the coffee comes out as nearly as clean as the Chemex filters, which is what I want. I thought the Chemex filters simply filter out too much coffee goodness in search of drip coffee perfection. They actually drip faster, but gets a darker coffee.

Ultimately, I recommend the filters. I have been using them almost exclusively this week with the Chemex, and set the Press aside. I prepared both my roast and the Blue Mountain Blend I picked up.

I'll get more up soon. I have been busy, busy, busy lately.