Wednesday, May 28, 2014

This Is a Pretty Looking Machine.

I know, more link dumping. Real life has kept me from being an active coffee person lately.

This a new machine from Senseo. Its a single cup machine that is made of a lot of recycled plastics. No word or product review yet.

However, depending on price, this would fit nicely with my Pixie and De'Longhi.

I mean, just look at that.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cold Brew

Here is some more reposting.  This time it comes from Boing Boing with a great how to for cold brew coffee.

Essentially, its a lot of coffee coarsely ground as if for a French Press. You put it in a nutbag, which is like a bag made from a tightly woven cheesecloth.

You let to sit in cold, filtered water overnight, and it is ready for the next day.

I just need to track down a nut bag and give it a shot.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

More Nestle Coffee News.

I really did not know that coffee from China is a thing. It is a still developing thing that will be worth checking on.

I still have some coffees to review and discuss, but nothing exciting right now.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

More from the Coffee World.

For a while, I've been coming across more and more stories about threats to the coffee industry as a whole. Frankly, the price for higher quality beans is going to sky rocket from a mixture of global warming, and disease that is enabled by global warming.

Simply put, the smaller farmers we rely on for the really good stuff, are having trouble coping. Plants are dying which is causing prices to go up. Cheap Robusta is the only thing that seems to be surviving well enough.

Here's a well written article that will apply to us in the States as much as New Zealand.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Nespresso in Danger?

Here's an interesting industry article about single serve. It is a big deal in the coffee world. A bunch of company's are joining up to pose a creditable threat to Nespresso. Of course, there's also the K-Cup and Green Mountain's dominance here.

However, I have always regarded Nespresso as a premium brand with a commitment to quality. For single serve, it really cannot be beat... at least, for single serve espresso.

Community - RIP

Well, its official, one of my favorite TV's shows is cancelled.I might be a late comer to the party, but Community has become my one go to show to marathon when I really need to forget about life for a while. It was a silly show at times, that was also poignant enough to make me consider growing up. I

It helped me reflect on some of the changes I have been through over the years since I was a fresh face our of high school. It would also make me smile as I thought about the group of misfits I hung out in my own abortive attempt at college many years ago.

I was brilliant escapism, that will now only exist in marathon runs and fanficition.

Oh yes, I'll be looking for the fanfiction.

Like a Wiccan in the early 2000's, I'll never forget.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

3 Little Birds


I kind of got this stuck in my head tonight. Everyone should hear it again.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Turkish Coffee - An Update and a Recipe

It seems, I have been neglecting my blog a bit the past week or so. In truth, I have been trying to cut back a bit in my coffee drinking. There are limits to how much one should drink.

Of course, lately, as the temperatures get a little warmer, and the flowers come out, I have been wanting to trying a few new things.

After a wonderful birthday gift, of some Chinese ginger, and a purchase of cardamon, I set about using it for a spicy little brew for Turkish Coffee.

I grind down two parts coffee to extra fine, add one part sugar. I find the two to one mix makes it sufficiently syrupy. I add the spices with a cinnamon and follow the preparation instructions on Coffee Geek.

Then, I attempt to bring the temperature down by pouring it off into a mug. I'm also careful to leave as much of the grounds in the pot. I let what is in the mug cool and settle.

Several minutes later, I pour it again into mugs over ice with almond milk and enjoy.

For the coffee, I have been trying to finish up the Robusta from several weeks ago. Its been sitting, and I'm afraid a bit stale for most other uses.