Friday, May 2, 2014

Turkish Coffee - An Update and a Recipe

It seems, I have been neglecting my blog a bit the past week or so. In truth, I have been trying to cut back a bit in my coffee drinking. There are limits to how much one should drink.

Of course, lately, as the temperatures get a little warmer, and the flowers come out, I have been wanting to trying a few new things.

After a wonderful birthday gift, of some Chinese ginger, and a purchase of cardamon, I set about using it for a spicy little brew for Turkish Coffee.

I grind down two parts coffee to extra fine, add one part sugar. I find the two to one mix makes it sufficiently syrupy. I add the spices with a cinnamon and follow the preparation instructions on Coffee Geek.

Then, I attempt to bring the temperature down by pouring it off into a mug. I'm also careful to leave as much of the grounds in the pot. I let what is in the mug cool and settle.

Several minutes later, I pour it again into mugs over ice with almond milk and enjoy.

For the coffee, I have been trying to finish up the Robusta from several weeks ago. Its been sitting, and I'm afraid a bit stale for most other uses.