Friday, May 9, 2014

Community - RIP

Well, its official, one of my favorite TV's shows is cancelled.I might be a late comer to the party, but Community has become my one go to show to marathon when I really need to forget about life for a while. It was a silly show at times, that was also poignant enough to make me consider growing up. I

It helped me reflect on some of the changes I have been through over the years since I was a fresh face our of high school. It would also make me smile as I thought about the group of misfits I hung out in my own abortive attempt at college many years ago.

I was brilliant escapism, that will now only exist in marathon runs and fanficition.

Oh yes, I'll be looking for the fanfiction.

Like a Wiccan in the early 2000's, I'll never forget.