Saturday, September 14, 2013

Blue Mountain Coffee

This morning at TJ Maxx, we made an impulse buy and picked up a Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. It is one of the lower end ones by Magnum Exotics. We got a deal, getting it for a few dollars off what you would get for the coffee on Amazon.

I assume, I can trust the origin, and I fell it was a good, budget conscious introduction to the highly regarded variety. For those who do not know, Jamaican Blue Mountain is one of the best varieties in the world. Prices for this coffee, both green and roasted can be astronomical. Probably, its closest, well known competitor would be Kona from Hawaii

Given that this a budget friendly premium coffee, I was not expecting to be blown away.
And I really wasn't. However, I made two French Presses with it. I like it. It is not too dark, and not too bold. It is super smooth, and was easy on my stomach. It is not as flavorful as my own roasts, particularly my latest blend, but it is still better than the Columbian 8 O'Clock coffee.Eventually, when the budget allows, I will be looking to get some of the better roasts.

I might buy it again the Magnum Exotica brand, especially given the price. Magnum also produces a Sumatran Mandheling that I would not mind using to bench mark my own roasts with a similar coffee.
The more I begin to dig into this hobby called "Coffee" the more there is to learn.

The roasters will be open tomorrow with dust masks!

Edit: After reading a bit more about this particular brand, giving a good look at the packaging, this is just a blend where Jamaican Blue Mountain is included as part of the profile.  As a blend, its not bad, but I can do better. I do want to get a hold of a bag of the real thing. It might be a mission to get some of that and eventually Kona from Hawaii.