Friday, August 30, 2013

Last Week's Blend

Last weekend's roast was another experiment. Overall, I was pleased. I took four different coffees, roasted them to their maximum optimal range, and worked through it over a week.

I did a few pots in the Chemex with it, and it was good. It was nothing spectacular, but good. I think it might not have been a great coffee for the French Press, even though it was the one I was using the most. I  am out of Chemex filters, and need to pick up another batch.

In the Chemex, I had a strong cocoa overtone flow through the coffee. It light and smooth. Through the Press though, it just felt too heavy. I suspect I might have gone a bit overboard with it, or the last remnants of the Vader coffee, because I have been battling a bit of an upset stomach after really digging into my day's coffee.

(It might also be time to get rid of the Britta and get a new one.)

I used some from the new batch from Sweet Maria's, and some from the old batch I need to use up.

I plan to use up the rest to try to copy my perfect blend from a few weeks ago. Then, do something with the new ones. I have a Central American coffee that I am really curious about, and another batch of the infamous Sumatran I would like to try again.

In the meantime, here is "In the Meantime" by Spacehog. It is one of those songs that just keep me in a good mood. Somehow it is what life is about... maybe. I have never been much on listening to lyrics.

It is just a good song to get stuck in your head when you are faced with life's petty bullshit. And one to have stuck when you are glad you are only dealing with its petty bullshit.