Friday, August 23, 2013

Computer Gear and Other Late Night Mutterings.

So I've got a wide screen Acer laptop running Xubuntu that has a full sized keyboard. Before that I was almost exclusively using a netbook for everything. Occasionally, I would hook up an extra monitor to it for fun, but it rarely helped.

I feel like I got more done with my tiny netbook than I do this machine. It is huge, wide. The white page just looks all the more daunting on it.

I am sure there are many other factors contributing to writer's block, not the least of which is from a part of my day job that involves responding to emails. I haven't totaled all of that up, but that is a good thousand or so words a day right there. Generally, the same words and phrases over and over, but still....

It can cause hand strain.

However, back to this beast of a machine. It is daunting to stare at a big, white screen and conjure up words. With the netbook, it was more like jaunting things down in a notebook rather than actual formal writing. I just wondering if those few years also contributed to worsening vision problems.

Luckily, upon coming back from Gen Con and listening to a few of the writers there, and the recent honors for Ray Bradbury and Elmore Leonard, I have come away with a few new ideas.

Well, they might be new for me, or variations on themes I have been looking at for a while.

I am only writing in Blogger because this is just mutterings, rather than committing to some words in Google Docs.

In the meantime, watch the AMV of VAST's "I'm Dying" using clips from Cowboy Bebop. It is a song that I can't get out of my head lately. Gregorian Chants always take me back to a special period in my upbringing called The 90's.