Saturday, October 12, 2013

Record/Play and the Ghost on the Tape.

I found this on io9 today. One of the little things I enjoy are Science Fiction short films. They create a little world, or play with a specific idea the way a flash fiction story does. Generally, the best short films linger in the back of the mind, letting the audience fill in details for themselves.

As a for a general vibe, this reminds me a bit of something you might expanded into a full story on a show like Black Mirror.

This story is a bit more fantastical, but I am always intrigued by how recordings link us to a specific time and place. Physical media like vinyl or audio cassettes seem to ground us into that experience even more.

There is something about the craft and care that is put into a mix tape, the effort into getting it right, and rewinding to start over when you don't that feels a little lost in the era of perpetual digital media.

Not that I am willing to give up the convenience of digital. But it is nice to think that an imprint of a loved one before they died could be used to reach back into the aether and rescue them.