Saturday, October 12, 2013

Ethical Bean Coffee - Mellow

I thought I would dive into this review right away. I picked this up
 in TJ Maxx yesterday on a whim. I won't lie and say I was not swayed by the packaging and labeling. Mellow and Ethical, I could not help and grab it.

In short, this is a great coffee seemingly made by people who are really into their coffee. The ethical bit doesn't seem to be a line of BS either. Everything is fair traded, with ways of going back and tracing the coffee you bought a bit. I like that in a coffee company. It is like buying from Sweet Marias without having to do the roasting yourself.

Another nice bit with their packaging is that the bag has a small opening that has a zipper seal. This way, it keeps the coffee as fresh as possible, longer. I will get to why this little bit of trivia matters to me in a bit.

This blend truly is a mellow blend. Either through the French Press or the Chemex, I don't get overwhelmed by boldness. However, the resulting coffee is not acidic, nor is bitter. Drinking this coffee is like settling into a warm robe in the morning. There's caffeine, and it is an eye opener. However, this coffee is not a smack in the face. It's
many other pleasurably methods of waking up to reality.

It is bright and has a hint of sweetness to it. I don't taste some of the notes in the description, and that may purely be from my extraction methods.

Here's the rub. They're a Canadian company, and they do ship to the United States. However, it is not available in stores here. I liked this coffee well enough that I'd easily buy it again, and again, but the shipping for it is insane just for one bag.

You can find the coffee on their website. Check it out.