Saturday, October 12, 2013

Money in Politics

My intent with starting this blog was to keep off my soapbox. But since we're changing focus, I'm kicking out the soap box.

It's my virtual coffeehouse, and what's a coffeehouse without a little time on the soapbox?

We are in the midst of the Great Government Shutdown on 2013, and like the one of the mid 1990's, I have little doubt our politicians will come to their senses with a deal no one really likes. I am a Democrat, raised in the old, Democratic traditions of Will Rodgers and Harry Truman (without the racism, and more Socialism.)

However, I am getting annoyed as shit with constant stream of emails coming from different branches of Democratic Party asking for donations.

I get it. Then again, I do not see how small donations to the party will solve the current impasse. From a superficial level, it just seems like the party is trying to take advantage of a bad situation now, for next year's election.

It is a purely passive form of activism in a time when we need, as a nation, to put pressure on our politicians. We shut our government down during an economic recovery. Instead of coming to a deal, even a shitty deal, we're passing little fixes to prevent hemorrhaging, rather than attacking some of the real problems in our country. We're being held hostage.

Here's the thing, we're being held hostage by people with money. In turn, we're being begged to give money to the party, so we can continue this fight.

Money is not speech. Having something to say, and saying it, is speech. That's what should be free. If you want to give a lot of money to some politicians, why not pay some taxes and help your country, your nation?

Of course, keeping people as slaves to the elite is a very American tradition as well. I just thought that after World War 2, we moved passed it for the good of everyone.

I am American. I want everyone to do well. I don't mind paying taxes to help everyone through rough patches.

Why has this sentiment been lost over the libertarian value of just helping yourself?