Tuesday, July 16, 2013

An Update.

Apparently, the coffee from Java I've been blogging about is really from Sumatra.

In fact, it is the Sumatra Mandheling-Aceh Triple-Pick on Sweet Maria's website. It is a funny coffee that is processed different than most coffees around the world, in that is processed wet. Its also got a lot of sugars in it, according to Sweet Maria's description on their website. I made up a small batch and roasted it longer. I am plan to let it sit for two days until Thursday, and we will see how it does.

I wonder how it would do in a Chemex with their special filters?

I switched back to the Javanese, and performed the same experiment, and let it degas for only a couple hours. It is the Java Sunda Candra Wulan. Personally, I find is nice after an hour or so of degassing. Its not overpowering, and has a good, overall finish when French Pressed.

I am also pricing a small espresso machine. I'm looking for a pump model that will not take up too much room, or clean out the wallet too much. The Moka's have their place, but I miss crema too much in my espressos.