Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Statement of Purpose

With every one of these little ventures I start, I always feel like I should begin it with a statement of purpose. A blog needs a reason for being, this one no less.

I have a wide variety of intests that range from music, to food, to writing, to science fiction and geekery. However, increasingly, over the past several months, I have taken on of my casual interests and let it blossom into a fullfledged hobby.

I have given up on the gas stations, fast food, and on some level, Starbucks, and gone into the realm of the home roaster. My intent with the blog is to chronicle that decent into coffee snobbery. Hopefully, we'll have some reviews on equipment, methods, coffees, and of course, my misadventures into home roasting.

I'm on my third sampler pack from Sweet Marias, and I feel like I'm getting the hand of the process enough that I can start journalling it somewhat.

Of course, since I am a man of other tastes, I will be sharing some of the other things I find interesting around the web, and in the world.

No matter how much coffee I drink, music and science fiction are always there.