Saturday, July 27, 2013

An New Week... A New Coffee.

Here we are, a new week, and a newly roasted coffee in the hopper.

I have had a splendid week working through the Javanese coffee. Over the course of the week, its been a nice, middle-ground coffee. It was not bitter, or too acidic. It hit all the correct notes. It also has been consistent throughout the week, and done well in the Moka Pot.

I also roasted up the remainder of the Sumatran as well and took it to work. Since I work in a place where an expensive coffee machines are readily available, and beta testers are all too willing,

I tossed it into a Jura Ena Micro 1. It was a nice bench test for the Sumatran. It was still acidic, but not in the same ways. If money was no object, I would buy this machine in a heartbeat.

I know it seems to go counter to the whole "coffee by hand" mantra, but I am really more interested in the sublime experience of tasting the coffee, enjoying it, and making my own. Sometimes, even an automatic coffee center does the trick. When it comes down it it, they are expertly designed machines, that is meant to the best coffee experience.

Instead, I am looking at different pump machines. Rather than the one touch variety, I'll be looking for something more traditional for espresso. This week, I got a chance to take a close look at DeLonghi's latest offerings. It was a special perk of the job.

They have a whole new line of machines, that while I don't like the general look of them, I do like how easily serviceable they are. You can open up and remove part of the internals for cleaning. However, as cool as these machines are, they are still out of my price range.

Therefore, I am looking at their manual espresso machines. I had been considering one their machines before the demonstration, but ideally, I'll get one a little pricier. Space in our tiny kitchen is still a question, however.

This week, once we have degassed the coffee, I will be having one from Burundi. No more coffee from Indonesia for a while. My remaining coffees are all coffees I have had before; so this time, I am looking to repeat some of the previous successes with these coffees. So far, the Burundi looks and smells pretty good, so we will see. In a couple days, I will have more to say.

Previously, the Burundi was my favorite, and I was a little sad when I ran out.