Sunday, July 14, 2013

24 Hours Later .... and 48 more.

I have let the Javanese degas for the obligatory 24 hours. I made a up a pot in the French Press this morning, and it still had not seemed like it had settled. It foamed up quite a bit, and still had a grassiness to it.

I suspect it is because during the roasting it kicked off very little chaff, which is the very outer layer of the coffee bean. Typically, it comes off in waves of fluff, that can be tossed up like dandelions, or molted bug carapaces. However, this coffee seemed to hold onto it, and I suspect it might have to do with sugar content. The flavor profile is supposed to have a papaya flavor to it.

Before work, I tried it in the Moka Pot again, and it was still really acidic, still like eating a lemon and its pith. However, once we allowed it to cool, added some brown sugar and almond milk, it became a perfect summer ice latte.

Because I had to put this post aside for a day or so, I've got more to report.

It probably needs 48 hours to degas. I also think it needs a darker roast to really let it settle. This morning's French Press was better, but it still had a muddledness to the flavor, like cocoa powder. It was bittersweet, without dipping into being dark chocolatey. This French Press also did not steep as long, only three and a half minutes rather than my usual four.