Saturday, December 14, 2013

Coffee Gear: The De'Longhi Bar 32

After some research and a request on what I would like for Christmas, I got this as an early gift from my parents.

I call it one of the baby De'Longhi machines because it is one of their lower end home units. I originally started calling it that because I thought it would be significantly smaller than it actually is. I am pressed for space, so I am struggling on where its permanent home will be in my kitchen. We're debating setting up a bit of a coffee bar in a nook of a dining room to store the machines and makers.

Now, as for this machine. It is a pump machine like I was wanting. It does produce crema. Using the same coffee I too to work, when properly prepped it produces about the same quality coffee as a lungo on the Jura Coffee Center.

The key is properly prepped. Whereas, it is easy to get heated up and ready to go, it is a manual machine. I have to get the grind right, the water amount right, and the tamp right.

I have not messed with the frother yet, mostly because I am not entirely sold on the steam based frothers. I know they are traditional, but I just do not like the effort that goes into cleaning them. I also do not like the possibility of bad milk spoiling a perfectly good coffee. I will keep with the microwave and the wand frother for now, until I can get my hands on a Nespresso Aeroccino.

Therefore, do I recommend this machine? I do. However, I have only had for a couple days and drawn about a dozen shots from it. For its price and build quality, it reviews well. It has also been on the market for at least six years, so I have some confidence in its design.

Of the two coffees I have tucked away right now, the darker roasted coffee is coming out better, the Sunrise Mauna Lao Breakfast Blend. I have got some older stuff tucked away I might try, but I cannot say its of the greatest quality. In comparison to the Pixie though, it really does not compare. However, the coffee for the Pixie is much better.

I will go back to the presses and the Chemex soon, but for now I am enjoying the espresso extractions from this machine and the Nespresso Pixie.

You can read up ion some of the specifications for the machine with the link below.