Monday, December 9, 2013


It feels likes its been a while since I have been able to post anything, especially anything coffee related.

'Tis the Season, after all. And when you work for a company that sells things, this is prime time.

This weekend, Delle (my aforementioned fiance) and I made a little trip to Target. I needed to run into a short-lined Starbucks in order to face the rest of that afternoon. Somehow, I have developed a taste for Americanos, a variation of coffee I previous though of as being a bastard coffee. I can make a pretty good one with the Aeropress with the left over water.

Well, while winding out way to the toy aisle, I stopped into the coffee aisle to see what they had any if anything caught my eye. Given that its truly freezing outside, there are some deals out there. One of them is this coffee by Caribou Coffee.

This is their "Medium Roast," so it is mostly equivalent to a Maxwell House or Folgers in intensity level. This is made for morning drip coffee that most people will enjoy. It is smooth, fragrant. The beans are dark brown with a bit of a shininess to them. In the presses, it makes a dark coffee that is as smooth as advertised. There's a hint of boldness that comes out as the cup cools and keep drinking.

It does have that bitter cocoa flavor that isn't too strong that lingers on the palate. I do not taste the berry notes the company claims, but I have not tried it in more of a drip extraction. I haven't used it for a full espresso, yet. However, soon, I know I will.

To be honest, I was mostly drawn to the coffee by the art. They do have some amusing art. I also like how they lay out the sources for their coffees on their website. They also claim to be ecologically sustainable.

I think, I will be buying more of this coffee.