Saturday, July 26, 2014

George House Coffee and Tea

So here we are, finally with a review.

Recently, a wonderful friend of ours brought us some coffee from a coffee shop someone in her family own. That wonderful gesture of generosity does make this review biased. Also, I wasn't able to visit the shop myself since it is in another state.

We were presented with two coffees to try. One is a roast from Panama's Boquete region, and another is a Snickerdoodle.

Both are excellent coffees. I think the Boquete is one of the better ones I've turned into espressos. It hits all of those right notes I like, and makes a pretty little shot. (I would get pictures, but I broke my clear espresso glasses.)

I think Panama is becoming one of my favorite places in the world for coffee, just from the few coffees I've had from there.

George House Coffee and Tea

If I am ever in this part of Ohio, I will definitely check out the shop.

On a side note, we were also given some crystallized ginger. I know its meant to be used in stuff, but I've been sneaking it like candy all week.