Saturday, June 21, 2014

Back in Flannel and Needin' My Fix

Midnight Rambles

It is the first night of summer, and I just realized it has been a couple weeks since I have posted anything on this blog about coffee, or even something completely unrelated.

I have been cutting back on my coffee intake after a few brutal weeks of caffeine overkill. Also, my own real life has consumed me with a few issues that will not be chronicled for anyone with search engine access to find. 

I will start up with coffee soon. I have almost started drinking Peet's House blend in my espresso maker and French Press, and Hi-Line in the Nespresso Machine.

Dellessa actually likes the Hi-Line over the Nespresso blends, and it works for her in the early hours. 

Even though we are starting to get into the more brutal parts of summer, I am finding my way back into open flannel shirts, grunge and post grunge music, and some of the movies and culture of my youth. 

I have also started to explore some of parts of the early Internet I missed in those days: I set up my own IRC server and have started exploring Usenet, reading over it like Reddit. It is all fascinating in its simplicity. Well, the IRC server took some doing to get it set up properly on an Ubuntu server, but oh well.

Maybe its just all the coffee talk taking me back to a simpler time? Before a cup of Starbucks wasn't a symbol of suburban middle class, and was a piece of counter-culture.

Of course, us old flannel wearers are soccer moms and middle management stiffs now. Soon, we will be the dreaded Man. 

In the meantime, here's some Seven Mary Three