Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Project Endure

Getting Students in the Mountains

And I do not mean the Mountains of Madness, which was probably closer to my own high school experience. 

While we were prowling around the Farmer's Market at City Market in Indy, we came across a group selling granola. 

It was a couple high school students, promoting and raising money for their group, Project Endure

From the promotional material, and what they discussed, they use adventure trips as a means of teaching leadership and responsibility. (Though, I often wonder about these groups, since the type of students who gravitate towards these programs are the ones who already received this message.)

Still, its a noble effort. There is value in getting out of your environment, to experience new things. the more a person sees of the world, and experiences the little differences, they realize those differences between people really are not that different. Our motivations and needs are mostly the same. 

We just seek to meet those needs differently. 

I was looking for something profound, but there really isn't anything profound. But it seems profound at 17. 

Well anyway, its good granola, and at the time we bought the jar, that was what I was focused on. Its so much better than the stuff you buy in the store.