Monday, April 7, 2014

Harvest Cafe Coffee - Guatemalan Santa Rosa

An Indianapolis Best

This weekend, we made an early morning trip to the Indianapolis City Market to catch the Saturday morning Winter Farmer's Market. (During the regular growing season, its moving to the week days, which is incredibly inconvenient right now.)

I was not sure what we were going to find before even the Spring vegetables had come in. I was cranky, and it was early.

Harvest Cafe Coffee Roasters had a table set up, with coffee for sale. They are a local roaster on the other side of town from where we live. Consequently, I had not heard of them before that morning. We bought a couple cups, because the caffeine monkey was hitting my back hard.

Luckily, the coffee they had on tap was the absolute perfect wake up coffee.

One of the biggest aspects coffee snobs get into is having the absolute freshest possible pot. Since they were just selling off a table, they had a big vat of it, in one of the containers usually reserved the for Gatorade pour over the winning coach at the Super Bowl. I was not quite awake enough for this little detail to settle in.

However, it was full of a recently roasted batch of Guatemalan coffee. After the first few sips, it was as if a light came back on. Even though the drip was a couple hours old, it still held together its characteristics.

Once the cup was nearly empty, we bought a pound.

Since, I have made a couple Presses, an espresso shot, and I tried it in the Electric Santos.

Still, it is an ideal coffee for a morning French Press. Its bold, but not bitter. It is a very smooth coffee. The simpler the extraction, the better. There is a slight spiciness in the back that reminds me of a nice black pepper.

This really is a rainy day coffee to keep you going when all you want to do is sleep.

Harvest Cafe Roasters does sell to the public, and they do ship. They also open their rotisserie for tours, and if you call ahead you can pick up your order. According to the guy I was speaking with, they also sell green beans for home roasters.

Eventually, I plan on checking them out on the East side of Indianapolis. In the meantime, I highly recommend this coffee and this overall brand.

I also plan to have a bit more about out trip.