Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mixing the Turkish in Spain.

For Valentine's Day, I was given a few assorted coffee toys by the wonderful Dellessa for Valentine's Day. Among a Phin and a nice, heavy tamper, she gave me a couple Ibriks.

Turkish coffee is one of the things I've wanted to try out for a long time. It holds an allure, a certain decadence that cannot really be achieved by many coffee styles in the west. Espresso is fast. Drip coffee styles is everyday joe. Even as technically cool as something like the Aeropress or French Presses are, they still don't quite contain the centuries of tradition that is Turkish Coffee.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to find reasonably priced cardamon (at least, at an experimentation price point.) I first used a surprising Highlands coffee by 8 O'Clock, all spice, vanilla, and sugar.  Dellessa enjoy it, I enjoyed it.

However, I wasn't quite satisfied. I also had this wonderful coffee that pulls a nice shot from Spain. Again, I stumbled onto it, and was drawn to the unique profile of the canister. It is from UgaboCoffees and seems to be part of a celebrity designed line. Which is fine. the truth is in the coffee.

This coffee is intensely chocolatey with a heavy cocoa base. As advertised, there is a bit of nuttiness. Once ground superfine, it made a natural accompaniment for Turkish style coffee. It matches up with the sugar nicely. The intensity and bitterness melt away into something like European style cocoa without the milkiness. 

It is a bit like sipping coffee in the Alhambra.

I have not done much else with this coffee because I am that enamored with the Turkish style right now. 

If you find this, buy it. 

I think I am enjoying the Turkish style so much, I might begin a collection of Ibriks.