Saturday, February 15, 2014

Coffee and Beer in Wynwood and Brazil.

One of the things perfect espresso shots are compared to is a perfectly drawn pint of Guinness. It is used as an analogy for what perfect crema an separation should look like. People often compare coffee to wine in its complexity, but I think a more apt flavor comparison is beer.

Primarily, beer, like many coffees, is an exercise in enjoying bitterness. There's still acidity, creaminess, nutty flavors, even the occasional bursts of sweetness that pop into the flavor profiles than that, but ultimately, there's the bitterness.

Good crema can be savored like good beer head, just not quite so slowly. There's also a million ways of preparation and varieties. Well, maybe not a million preparation methods for beer. But there are certainly a hell of lot of beers.

There are also many levels of coffees, much like beers. You've got your Folgers/Maxwell House and Budweiser equivalents. You have your micro-brews and small time roasters. You even got a good comparison between Starbucks and Sam Adams.

(I'll let that sink in rather than elaborate.)

Beer even has a home brewing movement that is as vibrant and as easy to get into as home coffee. You really can't say this about wine. There is a much higher entry point to wine production.

Therefore, naturally, one of the greatest things in this world is the happy marriage of coffee and beer. I've had my share of coffee stouts, stouts with coffee added for flavoring in the product process. This seems to be a growing thing in the Indiana beer industry. Hell, my favorite ever came from a little brewery in Brazil, Indiana called "Bee Creek." Sadly, now gone.

Lately, I have been introduced to a beer from my home town I'd love to try. It is a coffee IPA. Yes, and India Pale Ale with coffee in it. I considered the idea to be completely madness, but the reviews coming in from friends is that its pretty good.

Next time you're in Miami, make the trip to Wynwood to the Wynwood Brewing Company.

One of these years, I'll try my hand at beer brewing.