Friday, November 8, 2013

The Pixie - the iPhone of Espresso Makers.

It came today! 

This is the machine I received for participating in the Nespresso event a few months ago. It was work related and completely unrelated to this blog.

But since it is all about coffee, I do not mind talking a bit about it. After all, there was not anything big or proprietary revealed. Hell, I think we basically heard the party line from Nespresso for what they would like people selling their products to tell the customers. 

Generally, I do not go in for the capsule base systems. However, I am really getting too lazy to pull my own shots of espresso. I kind of like something brain dead simple. Also, once I unboxed this little gem, my fiance was pretty pleased herself. After having a couple shots, I wound up ordering a fair amount of coffee off their website.

She likes it simple, and if I got around to picking up a regular espresso machine, she would never use it. She is a latte and cappuccino kind of gal, really. This is basically perfect for her. 

This is not to say I am putting up the Presses and the Chemex. Nespresso is expensive, and really not for everyday coffee drinking. I have a feeling it will be more for weekend enjoyment.

In the sampler pack we received one of the vanilla flavored coffees. I made it up for her into a sweetened latte. The flavors really came out with the milk, and now I get how to best use flavored espressos. 

I've got a few more pictures of the unboxing I will post up. On the whole, the Pixie has proven to be a good little machine. It does just what I need it to do at this stage in the game. 

I am considering one of the reusable, third party made capsule for using my own coffee grounds. It really is tempting, however it voids the warranty. 

Seeing how Nespresso is like the Apple of the coffee world, I find it ironic I am a little worried about voiding the warranty. This is especially amusing because as soon as I buy new computer hardware, I break the warranty within hours of purchase by installing Linux. 

Hell, if it had been possible back in the mp3 player heyday, and I bought a full-fledged iPod, I would have put Rockbox on it in defiance. 

Unfortunately, the third party options for capsules seems a bit thin. There isn't a well made option like the My K-Cup. Nespresso capsules are fiddly and small. I think I would rather just have a decent espresso maker for using my own brew. 

I will just try to enjoy the kick ass coffee. I just won't be buying a Mac anytime soon.

In the meantime, listen to the real Pixies. "Where is My Mind?"