Saturday, November 23, 2013

Coffee and Espresso

It seems it is getting difficulty to switch back and forth between espresso and the press. Somehow, drip and pressed coffee are turning out to be too watey, too thin on the tongue. I am not entirely sure how it happened. It might also be simply because the coffees I am using in the Press just is not as good as what I could roast on my own or get from Nespresso.

This is turning into a little problem where it is just too easy to pop a capsule in the machine and make a coffee. Convenience and Quality certainly are selling points every morning.

Expensive selling points.

Like any good addict, I am wondering when I should purchase my next shipment from Nespresso. Which is fine, because I really enjoy their Cosi blend when I first get up in the morning with the hints of cacao in the coffee. It is a nice way to start the day.

Speaking of flavoring, I went out on my coffee hunt yesterday to see if I could find something new an interesting. I found damn near nothing but flavored coffees all ground up. It was one of the most annoying trips in a while.

I understand we are near the Holidays and its getting colder. I also understand this makes a lot of people who do not normally drink coffee turn to it for their fix. But, what they really want is a cup of hot chocolate flavored with a million other things.

Go drink that. Leave the coffee to the serious coffee drinkers.

It know its a bit elitist, and borderline hypocritical of me to say all that given some of my recent reviews. However, it was simply annoying when I was looking for a solid, baseline coffee. I am ranting about the flavorings, but really I think that I couldn't find more whole bean was more of a pain in the ass.

No matter when I went, I could find some good coffees reasonably priced, but I could not find it whole bean.

After some digging, and a bit of settling, I did find something, Mauna Loa Sunrise Breakfast Blend. Like many of the coffees from this brand, its adequate. Its not phenomenal, it doesn't blow me away, but it works.

I've done a hand drip with it, and made a French Press. Its bold, but not too bold. Its nice and dark. It'll work for many mornings, and seemingly low on bitterness.

This will certainly do the trick.