Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Bodum 12 Cup Electric Vacuum Coffee Maker.

I Give You: The Electric Santos

I know it sounds a bit like a sex act, but I was able to get one of these today for about $10.00. I cannot say exactly how or why, but it was not in a Goodwill. (Nor is this for sale.) 
After doing some digging online, I found out that it is a bit of a collector's item. After my first use, I can see why.
I have always been a bit wary of vacuum coffee preparation because of the glass and boiling, but this is a good way to dip my toe into it. I will dive into a proper review once I get more accustomed to the method and the machine. 
Currently, this brings our preparation count up to 9 different methods and makers.
Here's a link to the product description on Amazon. Sadly, this machine is simply no longer made by Bodum.