Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Snow Day, Day 3: Made in the Shade Coffee

I have never thought I would be so excited to see the temperature reach 1 degree F. I really have nothing else to say. 

However, true to form, and apparently true to the US Postal Service, my latest order from Nespresso arrived. It is a small highlight in what is another dreary, cold day. 

Meanwhile, I have putting off talking about a coffee I have been working through that I just cannot make a decision on. It is another coffee found in TJ Maxx simple called Made in the Shade. It is a light roast, that I wonder if it isn't too light. My biggest issue with it is not being able to find it online. There's not even a website on the bag. It just says that it is distributed by "International Design LTD."

I have done the full array of extractions with it I have available to me, in multiple machines. For being a light coffee, it seems to do best as an espresso or in the Aeropress. It was tolerable in the Chemex as well. 

Some of the less experienced coffee drinkers in my circle seem to like it. Some of the more experienced ones don't like it. One described it as being a bit "dirty." 

On the tongue, its tastes fine with an odd texture behind it. It tastes a bit like almonds with the bid aftertaste. Otherwise, its not particularly overwhelming. Without the nutty taste, it would be a fine coffee. 

I have probably gone through a about pound of this coffee, and I am not sure if I would buy it again. They have a darker roast, but I wonder if it will have the same issues.

It does purport itself to be a "Shade Grown Coffee," meaning that it was grown under tree growth, which more ecologically responsible than the plantation methods more commonly used. It is a nice touch, but since I cannot find much of anything on the coffee on the internet, I cannot verify any of it. 

I also am not sure if it makes up for not being that great.